Everybody"s Fancy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Off / Show Off Necklace Show

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for baby manhattans and one of a kind necklace viewing. If you missed the opening, the necklaces will be on display--and on sale--through the end of the month.

For all you online shoppers, here's a peek at the necklaces. If you're interested in a piece, please email sally@fancyjewels.com.

Exaggerated Necklace by Amy Tavern
Sterling Silver $600

Coral Necklace by Jenny Vorwaller
Vintage Paper & Ribbon $67

Pansies by Angela Muhlnickel
Fine Silver & Enamel $300

Inspired by Elisa Young
Sterling & Aquamarine - Not for Sale

Vellum Necklace by Lulu Smith
Paper & Sterling $88

Crocodile Tears by Jessi Taylor
Sterling & Ceramic & String $320

(reverse side)

Kate The Bear by Sally Brock
Sterling Silver & 22k Gold $270

Waterfall by Birna Sigurbjornsdottir
Sterling & Garnets & Pearls $1100

Through the Looking Glass by Jessi Frenkel
Sterling & Copper & Fork $275

Porcelain Gems by Emily Counts
Porcelain & 18k Gold Fill Chain & Enamel $265

Rifle Necklace by Annie Huntley
Rifle from a market in Paris, Copper Chain from antique pocket watch, Hebrew Charm near clasp meaning "alive/living" $150

Birds of the World by Julia Garrells
Brass & Sterling & Enamel $330

Wire Bird by Shelli Markee
Sterling $290

Obsidian Necklace by Lauren Soini
Sterling & Obsidian $235

Vowel Necklace by Molly Lawrence
Sterling & Iolite & Garnet $220

True Love by Kate Greiner
Embroidery & Fabric & Beads $130